Making money online:)

Heyy, for the past few days I’ve been looking for different ways to earn money from my bed…. So these are the three main things that work for loads of people:)

The first one you might have already heard of is opinion outpost, in dutch they call it opinie land, you can awnser questions and earn points. With the points you can ask for money or gift cards. And once every month you can win money.
The second one is an app that you can get in the playstore, named appnana. When you start the app you instantly get 1000 nanas, and if you watch videos or download apps you can get more nanas, when you reach 15000 nanas you can put in a code from a different user and other users can put in your code, you earn 2500 if you do that. But after you have put in one code five people have to put in your code before you can put in an other one.

My appnana code is m5598699, It would be perfect if you fill mine in, after you did that, make sure to send your code in my ask then I’ll try to put your code in too!! Yeehh

And then theres youtube wich I don’t use, I’m not confident enough for that. But if you are ok with putting your pretty face on youtube it’s a really easy and fun way to earn money!!

I hope this was helpfull for you guyzzz, if you know any other ways to earn money on the internet please tell me!!